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GLI:N Homemade Recipes : Bath Bonbon

GLI:N Homemade Recipes: Bath Bonbon

This post is the first of a GLI:N Homemade Recipes series. I will share simple but effective Homemade cosmetics and cleaning recipes that are good for your health and for the environment too.

I thought, you can start to energies your body after this winter with this Bath Bonbon Detox recipe.
You need only 5 simple ingredients and approximately 30 minutes for the preparation of the Bath Bonbons and an extra 30 minutes valuable ME TIME.
You and your skin will feel so smooth, relaxed after a warm bath with your own homemade Bath Bonbons.

1 tbs cacao butter
1 tbs shea butter
1 tbs bees wax
1 lts epson/ sea salt
10 drops of desired essential oil
Melt the butters with the bees wax together in a double boiler. Stir it occasionally. When the bees wax is melted completely add the salt and the essential oil. Pour it in a silicon mould. Place carefully in the deep freezer for about 10 minutes.
Start to fill your bathtub with warm water. By the time, the bath is full , you can pop your bath bonbons out of the mould. Take one with you and close the door. Enjoy your detox moment.

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Have a GLI:N week

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