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GLI:N Homemade recipe: liquid soap

GLI:N Homemade recipe: Liquid Soap

Now that you have a good stock of homemade soap ;) let`s see how you can transform it.
Time to make a Liquid Soap.
You need only 4 ingredients: soap, distilled water, essential oil, glycerine.

source: internet

1 cup of grated soap
10 cups of distilled water
1 tbs glycerine
15 drops of essential oil


Add the grated soap together with the half of the distilled water in a pan and let the soap melt on medium temperature. Stir it occasionally. DO NOT COOK.

When dissolved add the other half of water to it while stirring. Than add the glycerine to the liquid soap and mix it well. Let it cool down and add the essential oil.
Pour your liquid soap in a container and ready to use.

If you want to learn more about homemade cosmetic products, check the GLI:N workshops.

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For advanced soap makers:  try out the Hot Process Liquid Soap. You do not how to make a soap with Hot Process. Take contact with GLI:N for the workshop.

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