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GLI:N Homemade Recipes: Suntan Cream & Skin Scrub

Do you know what the benefit of sunbathing is?

Because it has a lot of good impact on you and your body. 
You will get a good mood from the sunshine, keeps away depression. 
Your body could produce more vitamin D, that has an important role of the bone health and acts as a pre-hormone for your hypophysis .
But ultraviolet rays in the sunlight can damage the cells in your body.
You should do everything you can do to avoid sunburn.
This is because over time small amounts of sunburn damage can build up, which may lead to the development of skin cancer or melanom. While a tan is your body's way of protecting itself against UV rays, if the damaged skin cells can't repair themselves, they can become cancerous. You should be particularly careful in spring when your skin is pale.
A tan doesn't guarantee that you will avoid skin cancer later on in life.
How could you protect yourself against the "aging" effect of the sun?

-Dermatologist advice.

You can protect yourself in two ways: inner and outer  protection in order to keep your body young.

How could you prepare your body inside for sunbathing?

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in carotene.
  • Try to eat more fresh red, purple, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. The beta carotene is in all green vegetables. The best sources of carotene are the following: rhubarb, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, carrot, sweet potato, orange, mandarin,papaya,mango, pumpkin, tomato, peach, melon.
  • Spinach and the peel of the zucchini are rich in beta carotene, which helps prevent the cell damage.
  • According to the WHO advice, we should eat approximately 40-50 grams of this kind of food per day. Studies suggest that high doses of beta carotene may make people with a particular condition less sensitive to the sun.
Sunbathing advice
  • Between 11.00-15.00 stay out of the sun. You will get nice brown color also in the shade, just slower but without the painful sunburn effect. But you will reduce the chance to get more wrinkles faster and pigment changes.
  • Do not wear make up while sunbathing. 
  • Do not use perfume, deodorant. They can cause skin irritation and problems.
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses and your head with a cap.
  • If you take medicine, ask for medical advice. There are medicines that can cause skin allergies with the combination of the sun.
  • Your skin has to get used to the sun step by step. 15 minutes sunbathing is better than 1.5 hour on end per week. 
  • Do a head to toe skin scrubbing first. You can avoid getting tiger or leopard prints due to dead skin cells on your body.
  • Sun extremely dries the skin. So if you have a dry skin , please pay attention and moisture your skin after sunbathing with aloe water and karite butter. You can add 2-3 drops of good quality of Lavender Essential Oil for a better result.
  • The sun dehydrates the body. Make sure you drink enough water. 
  • After sunbathing, always take a shower and apply your favorite natural body butter.
Here is an easy to make Skin Scrub.
You find all the ingredients in your kitchen. 
Almond oil is perfect base for your scrub, but a good quality olive oil will serve your goals. 
Take about a 1/3 cup of sea salt or sugar/brown sugar or coffee grind and add the chosen oil. 
You would like to reach a "wet sand" consistence for your scrub.
Eventually you can add 2-3 drops of Essential Oil. It is ready for using on your body. 
If you have a sensitive skin, I would not advise to use on your face. Once you applied this mixture to your skin gently you can massage it and rinse it off with a shower. In order to finish , apply coconut or karite butter on your skin for a perfect, soft skin.
  • If you happen to stay longer in the sun and you get sunburn, you can apply karite butter with Lavender Essential Oil after a short shower onto your wet skin. The karite butter has anti oxidant effect and the Lavender Oil will help reduce your skin irritation.
Now your body is ready for the sun.

Let`s see how you could  make your own Suntan Cream at home.

You will need karite butter, coconut butter, cacao butter and zink-oxide.

This suntan cream gives physical protection against the ultraviolet rays. 
Karite butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, cacao butter have naturally SPF 6. 
With additional Zink-Oxide you can reach SPF20+.

So when you use these butters/oils you have already SPF6 and it depend on the amount of Zink-Oxide that you add to create your own SPF 10-12-20+.
The basic ratio is 100 ml butter/oil : 20gram Zink_Oxide

( Keep in mind, if you put too much Zink-Oxide, your skin stays white.)

Suntan Cream Ingredients:
50ml coconut oil
25 ml cacao butter
25ml karite butter
20gram Zink-Oxide

In a double boiler melt the butters and oil. When it dissolves , remove from the heat. Add the Zink-Oxide to the melted oils and mix it with a mixer well. After it, quickly pour the mixture into desired disinfected containers.

Pro tipp:

You can add bees wax (30-60-120 gram) and your suntan will have a good water resistance effect.

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Have a GLI:N week

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